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Fundraising WOD St. Maarten

17 september 2017

Buddy WOD

400m run with plate  15/10kg
37 push ups
37 airsquats
37 pull ups

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16 september 2017

dumbbell warm up


Buy in: 1k row
3 rounds
21 sit ups
21 db shoulder2overhead 30/20kg

Accessory work: one leg Romanian deadlift 4 x 10 per leg

cool down: rowing

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15 september 2017

functional warm up


3 rounds
200m run
16 toes to bar
10 pull ups
REST 2:00

Let's talk about: cardio vs. strength training

Skill: running, knees to elbow, 10 jumping pull ups

4 rounds
200m run
10 knees to elbow
10 jumping pull ups

cool down: mobility

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14 september 2017

SAQ warm up


for time:
3k row
2 miles run
100 double unders
(start in heats)

Let's talk about: Protein

Skill: rowing, running, double unders

for time:
1k row
1 mile run
50 double unders (attempts)

cool down: run

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Fundraising WOD

14 september 2017

This Sunday we are organising a Fundraising WOD Hurricane Irma. Some of our members have a close connection to Sint Maarten or surrounding islands. One of those members is Jacob, and he is inviting all of you this Sunday!

To join this Sunday we ask a voluntarily donation, either some cash or to a charity. There will also be some food for which you can leave a donation.

Times: 09.15/10.15/11.15/12.15 and there will be room for 26 members (2 coaches!)

[don't forget to register for a class at the schedule]

See you there!

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