Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is produced in the skin during exposure to the sun. Vitamin D3 also appears in small amounts in certain animal-based foods. Unfortunately, a shortage can occur when insufficient amounts of vitamin D from nutrition or sunlight are gained. Two important functions in which Vitamin D3 plays a role are the maintenance of strong bones and teeth, and the immune system. Vitamin D3 from Crossvitamins comes in an emulsion form, which is absorbed in the mouth, just like babies absorb breast milk. This ensures a complete absorption.


During training a lot of sweat is lost. This way several minerals, including magnesium, can be lost. A shortage of this mineral can be supplemented. One of the most important advantages of magnesium is the improvement of recovery. Magnesium also encourages an efficient oxygen consumption, which causes a more productive training. Furthermore, magnesium increases the absorption of various vitamins and minerals and has a relaxing effect. In short, magnesium is essential during regular training.

Fish oil

Unlike two centuries ago, the ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 has been disturbed in today’s diet. Therefore, it is important to supplement Omega-3 from fish oil. Fish oil is essential for athletes. Next to its anti-inflammatory effect and stimulation of oxygen transport, fish oil has numerous other roles. In particular fish oil encourages a good blood circulation, healthy joints and it supports the brain function. Moreover, fish oil has positive effect on the eyesight, the structure of the cell membrane, the skin and a normal functioning of the liver.    


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