Technique is paramount in CrossFit. This is why beginning CrossFit athletes start with a fundamental course. In these lessons the athletes are coached the different techniques of exercises. After practicing the techniques, a workout is done together. This is less heavy than the regular WoD and prepares the beginning participant for training at high intensity. By working together in a group, the athletes get to know each other and push each other's boundaries. After 10 Fundamentals, the athletes are fully prepared to take part in the WoD.


WoD stands for Workout of the Day. The WoD starts with a warm up, followed by practicing one or more skills, which are practiced in the workout. The WoD are functional forms of movement, varied and at high intensity. During the training the athlete is accompanied by a coach. The athletes work in a group and do the same workout but at their own level and pace. After the lesson you feel powerful and fit.

Oly lifting Class

In this lesson the athlete is trained by a coach to master the barbell techniques. Focus is on Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Weightlifting is a significant technical sport. In addition to strength, the movements also demand flexibility, explosiveness and coordination. So it is definitely a challenging sport and ideally suited for the perfectionists. The techniques coached in this lesson will certainly help to move more efficiently during the WoD.


The mobility class focuses on the physical body in order to make the athletes more flexible and to create a greater range of motion for the body. The lessons are varied, ranging from stretching, releasing and activating muscles. Various tools are used, such as the lacrosse ball, resistance band, kettlebell, barbell, or each other. The body needs a lot of care, especially if you train on a regular basis.

Gymnastics Class

During this class you will work on your gymnastics skills, think of pull ups, toes to bar, handstand walk, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, and so on. During these lessons, we work on basic skills and advanced skills ensuring everyone can make progress at his own level.

Power lifting

In this lesson we work on bench press, back squat and deadlift. We are working on your general strength which will automatically translate into your barbell work and metcons.

Open Gym

During Open Gym hours you can train independently. Before an athlete can train in an open gym, this must be agreed upon with the coach. Quality, technology and safety are central to us regardless of whether you train under supervision or independently.

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